Flares Bridal an extensive collection of Essence of Australia wedding dresses for brides to select from when choosing their wedding dresses. The Essence of Australia is all about the close attention to the details with the luxurious fabrics and the exquisite beading work that has become customary of the brand. These dresses are a timeless feel that still look elegant while still providing a superb fit and a long, flow-y, elegant, beautiful look. Essence of Australia wedding dresses are made with the utmost love ensuring that it is sewn into every single stitch. The classic vintage edge will make the wedding a timeless event with everyone looking elegant and ready to smile for the camera to create memories that will last a lifetime. Whether you want a more modern-looking, yet traditional dress or a more vintage, classic-style dress the Essence of Australia wedding dresses have designed something that will fit your style! We will also help you match the dress with the perfect accessories to finish your classic, creamy-white, elegant look to ensure you look timeless and trendy as you desire on your special day! From the shoes to the veil to the dress and back again we have you covered on your special day!